Here’s to never growing up

Nothing like a fun day out and about enjoying Secondlife….tapped into my inner skater…lol

Here’s to never growing up…

Tatoo: Identity. – Old Schooled 2 [Faded]
Freckles: LAQ ~ Freckles 03
Collar: ( r e d ) M i n t ~Posture Collar ~ No.02
Watch:  BLITZED – Legacy Watch black – female
Top: Sn@tch – VILF Mesh Tee
Shoes: Blueberry Knee High Sneaker Boots – Black
Eyelashes: REDGRAVE -6- Natural
Nails: Hello Dave– Slink Avatar Enhancement- Mixed 1 Fingernails
Hair: Magika – Dusty
Ring: RO (Remarkable Oblivion) – Duality White (Right)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands – Casual
Skirt: [R3] (!R3VOLT!) Ramona Skirt [V1] – S
Shape: Mine
Skin: [PF] ( Pink Fuel)  Alyx – Lt. Smokey/Eye B (ltbrow)
Eyes: .ID. (.Insufferable Dastard.) Flare / GSP / Seafoam

Work tune:


Meme – Bucket List

So i’m finally gonna do one these! Miss Strawberry Singh has been doing weekly meme’s for awhile and I’ve been blowin away by the people that are inspired by them and what they come up with, So I thought” Get up and do one!!” and well here we are! Enjoy!

You can check out all of Berry’s meme’s on her blog : Here!

My SL Bucket List:

1. Do more in world – I know I’m a “platformacholic”, I want to get out there and see how Second Life has changed since I first rezzed in ( 9 years ago!)

2. Do more DJ’ing – Music, Oh god how I love music, and sharing it with people has been one of my greatest joys in the world, I need to do it more, maybe a 24 charity music event or something?

3. Have a SL family – I’ve always wanted a family, I sit and watch ( mainly on plurk) all the family’s having such a amazing time. It looks so fun and enjoyable, and well damn it I wanna be something to someone! lol

4. Do a photoset and STICK TO IT! – This ties into #1, But I want to be able to share my “vision” with other people…Letting them see themselves threw my eyes.  We all know were our worst critics, but what others see can change that.

5. Open my own photo studio – This has been a Slife long dream of mine, Since i got into photography in SL in bout ’06 

6. Make one new friend every week – I love people, I love interacting and getting to know them, But I’m so shy at first it’s hard for me to break out of my shell until I’ve spent time with people, So I want to make one new friend in SL a week, and not just be “oh it’s that weird girl again”

7. Learn to build – I used to build ages ago, but when scpulties and mesh came out I stopped….Need to learn both and start making houses again!

8. Own a homestead – I want to able to own a homestead and make it all pretty for other photographers to be able to come and do photo’s and show the world what they can do!

That’s it for now…I may do a second one as I think more on it!

And a song, that’s been on replay on my list for the past three hours! lol

Love Donna Flora #2

My Second post for Love Donna Flora ( Which opens in 2 days!!!! )

The more I watch this event grow, the more I love it!  But no fancy words this time, I just wanted to get this overly cute out fit to ya’ll! So here we go!!

Also I finally picked up a new skin! More Pink Fuel, \O/ lol

Outfit – Lark – Sweet Girl Leggings, Eva Bustier, Fabric Antlers – Roses ( @ Love Donna Flora event!)

Shorts – erratic / briony – shorts / White
Skin – [Pink Fuel] Alyx  
Lipstick – [Pink Fuel] – Lip Lustre – Candy Apple
Freckles – LAQ ~ Freckles 03
Eyeliner –Glam Affair– Couture Eyeliner no.02
Eyelashes – *REDGRAVE* – Natrual
Hair – Magika – Dusty ( NEW!!)
Hands – Slink Basic Hands – Casual 
Feet – [Gos] Barefoot – Flat 
Necklace –Maxi Gossamer– Giselle Opal Set – PINK
Piercing #1 – [ni.Ju] Monroe Piercing (mouth)
Piercing #2 – [ni.Ju] Amped Piercing . cheeks
Piercing #3 – LS – Piercings – Simple Septum ( No longer avabile 😦 )
Piercing #4 – .HoD. – Slither Prt. 2 -Silver Lining
Eyes – .Insufferable Dastard. Flare / GSP / Seafoam
Finger Nail Polish – Orc Inc. Fingernails – Pastel Shimmer ( @ Love Donna Flora event!)
Poses – PRETENSE ( @ Love Donna Flora Event!) 

Love Donna Flora – #1

Ok I’ve sat here and re written this post bout bout 15 times now, And honestly I can’t say anymore then how amazing it is to watch a community come together to help someone in need, Most deem the virtual world a “wasteland” but it’s times and event’s like these that make SecondLife what is really is a Community!  I’m beyond honored to be able to blog this event to help someone in ways I wouldn’t be able to before. 

I can try to put into words what this event is all about/for, but my words would not do Justice to this post: Why This event is being held. 

For all the Information on this event, You can check out the website here: Love Donna Flora

Now on to the amazing creations being sold for this event! 

First up, is this amazing Dress by MIAMAI Which is a exclusive Item, It’s texturing and flow is beyond pretty! I Paired it with this amazing furniture set from, Kaerri ( I adore peacocks  so i may have squeeed a little bit when i saw this!) It is all a 100% donation Item! 

The poses I used are also another Love Donna Flora event release, from PRETENSE, And I’m always a happy girl with new poses! 

And then next up, we Have another amazing furniture set from [Park Place] (100% Donation item) The wall piece and kick knacks are sweet and perfect, and well they match the Chair’s and Wall piece from Cobblestone perfectly as well! ( The circle piece’s on the wall are part of the Cobblestone set!, this set is also a 100% Donation Item, or 50% donation item if you buy the pieces individually) 

Pose is also another Love Donna Flora event release!All these Item’s will be found at the Love Donna Flora Event, which open the 25th of July and runs till Aug 11th! So make sure you set aside some time to check out all the amazing pieces from some amazing designer’s and help someone fight a battle while you’re at it! 

Stay tuned for more amazing creations! 

Summer Night

I decided today I REALLY need to buckle down and get more into my blogging and my photo work ( aka I need to shop more! lol)  But any who, I was rummaging around marketplace and my “blog folder” And well when it all boils down to it, I came out with this outfit! I could get into all the “finer” details of it, but then we would be here ALL day and well we just wouldn’t want that…..AND i’m rambling! ON TO THE OUTFIT!

Btw if you haven’t been to Collabor 88 yet this month, GO GO GO! Oh and the Maitreya sale ends tomorrow! Go there too! lol

Tattoo- Identity – Old Schooled 2 [Faded] 
Feet – Slink Mesh Feet 
Shoes – Slink Ilena Sandals  Black
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands – Casual
Top – Tee*fy Bella Ruffles Camisole (@ Collabor 88)
Shorts – erratic / briony – shorts 
Makeup –Glam Affair– Couture Eyeliner no.02
Piercing – Pekka Soul Piercing – Chin
Hair/Hat – Maitreya Siobhan (Mesh) – Red
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer Giselle Opal Set –  PINK
Watch- [AMITOMO] Watch C Black ( @ Okinawa Summer Festival– Gatcha, 50L per try)
Eyes – [AMITOMO] mesh odd eye black Rare  ( @ Okinawa Summer Festival– Gatcha, 50L per try)
Skin/Hand & Feet appliers – League Sia Medium Natural 
Puppy/Bag – TuTys – Mesh Pet Carrier – Chiwawa
Work tune: