Love Donna Flora – #1

Ok I’ve sat here and re written this post bout bout 15 times now, And honestly I can’t say anymore then how amazing it is to watch a community come together to help someone in need, Most deem the virtual world a “wasteland” but it’s times and event’s like these that make SecondLife what is really is a Community!  I’m beyond honored to be able to blog this event to help someone in ways I wouldn’t be able to before. 

I can try to put into words what this event is all about/for, but my words would not do Justice to this post: Why This event is being held. 

For all the Information on this event, You can check out the website here: Love Donna Flora

Now on to the amazing creations being sold for this event! 

First up, is this amazing Dress by MIAMAI Which is a exclusive Item, It’s texturing and flow is beyond pretty! I Paired it with this amazing furniture set from, Kaerri ( I adore peacocks  so i may have squeeed a little bit when i saw this!) It is all a 100% donation Item! 

The poses I used are also another Love Donna Flora event release, from PRETENSE, And I’m always a happy girl with new poses! 

And then next up, we Have another amazing furniture set from [Park Place] (100% Donation item) The wall piece and kick knacks are sweet and perfect, and well they match the Chair’s and Wall piece from Cobblestone perfectly as well! ( The circle piece’s on the wall are part of the Cobblestone set!, this set is also a 100% Donation Item, or 50% donation item if you buy the pieces individually) 

Pose is also another Love Donna Flora event release!All these Item’s will be found at the Love Donna Flora Event, which open the 25th of July and runs till Aug 11th! So make sure you set aside some time to check out all the amazing pieces from some amazing designer’s and help someone fight a battle while you’re at it! 

Stay tuned for more amazing creations! 


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