Meme – Bucket List

So i’m finally gonna do one these! Miss Strawberry Singh has been doing weekly meme’s for awhile and I’ve been blowin away by the people that are inspired by them and what they come up with, So I thought” Get up and do one!!” and well here we are! Enjoy!

You can check out all of Berry’s meme’s on her blog : Here!

My SL Bucket List:

1. Do more in world – I know I’m a “platformacholic”, I want to get out there and see how Second Life has changed since I first rezzed in ( 9 years ago!)

2. Do more DJ’ing – Music, Oh god how I love music, and sharing it with people has been one of my greatest joys in the world, I need to do it more, maybe a 24 charity music event or something?

3. Have a SL family – I’ve always wanted a family, I sit and watch ( mainly on plurk) all the family’s having such a amazing time. It looks so fun and enjoyable, and well damn it I wanna be something to someone! lol

4. Do a photoset and STICK TO IT! – This ties into #1, But I want to be able to share my “vision” with other people…Letting them see themselves threw my eyes.  We all know were our worst critics, but what others see can change that.

5. Open my own photo studio – This has been a Slife long dream of mine, Since i got into photography in SL in bout ’06 

6. Make one new friend every week – I love people, I love interacting and getting to know them, But I’m so shy at first it’s hard for me to break out of my shell until I’ve spent time with people, So I want to make one new friend in SL a week, and not just be “oh it’s that weird girl again”

7. Learn to build – I used to build ages ago, but when scpulties and mesh came out I stopped….Need to learn both and start making houses again!

8. Own a homestead – I want to able to own a homestead and make it all pretty for other photographers to be able to come and do photo’s and show the world what they can do!

That’s it for now…I may do a second one as I think more on it!

And a song, that’s been on replay on my list for the past three hours! lol


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